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Interesting little tidbit for the weekend: we now know what operating system the Nintendo Switch is running. Since it's basically an NVIDIA Shield, I kind of expected it to be running Android - heavily modded, of course - but it turns out it's running something else entirely: it's running FreeBSD.

Like Sony, Nintendo also opts for FreeBSD for its games console. This means of the four major gaming platforms, two run Windows, and two run FreeBSD. Fascinating.

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RE: Makes sense
by laffer1 on Sun 5th Mar 2017 20:31 UTC in reply to "Makes sense"
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There is the big catch of graphics support. With a game console, you're going to have to write a whole lot of custom code and libraries for graphics anyway. However, if you're building a stock OS, you're looking at a decade behind tech with video card support on FreeBSD. Sure, NVIDIA has a binary blob available but AMD support is bad and nothing past haswell is supported on the intel side.

You don't pick freebsd for a technical advantage if you're building an OS for desktops. I know this from experience. There are many advantages to BSD, but GPU support is not one of them.

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