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This latest 2017-2019 product roadmap includes, for the first time, the latest support roadmap. There is also further details about the next OpenVMS V8.x and V9.0 release for Itanium, along with the "early adapter" release of V9.0 of OpenVMS for x86 servers.

Development is continuing at a steady pace.

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RE: That is impressive
by vocivus on Wed 8th Mar 2017 14:51 UTC in reply to "That is impressive"
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I suppose it is what DEC should have done all that time ago instead of putting the effort into Alpha hardware/software and then onto Itanium with HP. A better move would have been to migrate to Intel x86 despite the hardware initially being a generation behind.

A little perspective:

At the time that VMS was ported to Alpha, x64 wasn't even a dream, and there was nothing enterprise about the x86 hardware offerings. Alpha served DEC well.

In hindsight, the Itanium effort was a complete waste, but even then, Intel wasn't even thinking about x64 - and it would have been even more ridiculous to port to 32-bit x86.

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