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I've led the charge against Microsoft's advertising efforts in Windows, noting back in 2012 that the software giant cheapened Windows 8 with ads. Despite my warnings about a slippery slope - Microsoft would only escalate its in-box advertising down the road, I cautioned - Windows 10, sadly, was even worse. And now the Creators Update is coming, bringing with it yet another escalation of in-product advertising. Most notably, and most disturbingly, in File Explorer.

iOS and Android do the same thing, where they pester you left and right with ads for nonsense like music services or cloud storage. It's user-hostile and infuriating.

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RE: Just stop using Windows
by chrish on Mon 13th Mar 2017 14:55 UTC in reply to "Just stop using Windows"
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I gave up a few years ago and use Windows. Think of it as a calculated risk.


As I got older, I became less tolerant of screwing around with things. I just want things to work, with a minimum amount of downtime. I used a Mac for quite a while, but I can't justify the premium for the hardware, and Apple's really been ignoring OS X and the Mac for far too long.

If I spent less of my free time playing video games, I could probably put up with Mint or something, but things like Fallout 4 and The Witcher aren't likely to run well on Linux.

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