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Some interesting figures from LinkedIn, who benchmark the compiling times of their Swift-based iOS application. You'd think the Mac Pro would deliver the fastest compiles, but as it turns out - that's not quite true.

As you can see, 12-core MacPro is indeed the slowest machine to build our code with Swift, and going from the default 24 jobs setting down to only 5 threads improves compilation time by 23%. Due to this, even a 2-core Mac Mini ($1,399.00) builds faster than the 12-cores Mac Pro ($6,999.00).

As Steven Troughton-Smith notes on Twitter - "People suggested that the Mac Pro is necessary because devs need more cores; maybe we just need better compilers? There's no point even theorizing about a 24-core iMac Pro if a 4-core MBP or mini will beat it at compiling."

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Parallel Programming
by theTSF on Thu 16th Mar 2017 19:57 UTC
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The problem we have today is Processor speed more or less peaked, we make it up by going parallel with multiple cores. However most developers develop software with a single thread in mind, so a Computer with 24 cores will perform most task as well as one with 4. Because (over simplified)
Core 1 - OS
Core 2 - IDE
Core 3 - Browser
Core 4 - Compiling

When you get a lot of cores there will just be a lot of cores being idle. Having a lot of cores makes sense for jobs that are happening on many threads working together or are taking a lot of requests at the same time.

However most programs are based on Top Down development. So one thing happens then the next. SO the advantage of multiple cores cuts down rather fast.

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