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Swatch Group AG said it's developing an alternative to the iOS and Android operating systems for smartwatches as Switzerland's largest maker of timepieces vies with Silicon Valley for control of consumers' wrists.

The company's Tissot brand will introduce a model around the end of 2018 that uses the Swiss-made system, which will also be able to connect small objects and wearables, Swatch Chief Executive Officer Nick Hayek said in an interview Thursday. The technology will need less battery power and it will protect data better, he said later at a press conference.

It makes sense. Unlike as on smartphones or PCs, I don't think people really want applications on smartwatches. Notifications and fitness - that's what seems to define the (admittedly, limited) appeal of smartwatches. There's no reason why a traditional watchmaker wouldn't be able to provide such limited functionality in a robust way, possibly providing anything from watches that are all-screen to mechanical watches with more limited 'smart' additions.

With Wear 2.0 effectively being fake news at this point, where else is Swatch going to turn to?

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RE[5]: Power
by ianm on Mon 20th Mar 2017 12:13 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Power"
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My last Motorola flip phone last 5 days between charges. By your idiotic argument, my Android smartphone that sometimes needs a charge in the middle of the day but does a million more things isn't as good as a flip phone.

Fitbits are single purpose garbage that most people lose interest in in 2 to 3 months. Sure, they take weeks to run out of battery on the nightstand, but who cares?

Enjoy your useless flip phone.

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