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There's a new Android tablet you can go and buy, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. Here's our review of it, where Jake notes that apps freeze if they're not in the foreground. Which is a good reminder: Android apps on tablets have never really been very good. They usually end up feeling like stretched-out phone apps.

Things have gotten better in the past couple years, but it's still a problem. In fact, it has always been a problem. I wonder if anybody ever told Google that it was a problem and it should try to do a better job incentivizing developers to make apps that work better on tablets.

Oh, wait, somebody has.

Brutal, but true.

Devil's advocate take: since tablets don't matter, do tablet apps really matter?

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Devil's advocate
by emphyrio on Thu 23rd Mar 2017 04:30 UTC
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The question is whether apps matter. Too lazy to go for the references, but I seem to remember that, even on the smafo, most people don't install any apps after the usual facebook, messenger, twitter, whatsapp crap. Don't recall if games were included in that research.

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