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In the early life of the Nintendo Switch, when it was still codenamed Nintendo NX, there were a lot of rumors floating around about the device. We saw a console with an oval shape and a screen that seemed built into the buttons and rumors that the new device would run Android as its operating system.

While the product we have today resembles nothing of those early prototypes, it looks like the Android rumor may not have been far off. Cyanogen's Kirt McMaster tweeted early this morning to say that Nintendo had approached him about designing a custom Android-based operating system for their new console, but he had some choice words for the company.

Add this to the list of terrible business decisions by Cyanogen and its CEO.

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Jolla is partnering now woth Sony to release Xperos X (and possibly other models) woth full supported SailfishOS(with AlienDalvik, etc). It's official, but not much details are known.
i cannot say much about SailfishOS, because never used it(still happy user of Nokia n9 with MeeGo/Harmattan onboard)

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