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Modern computer science is dominated by men. But it hasn't always been this way.

A lot of computing pioneers - the people who programmed the first digital computers - were women. And for decades, the number of women studying computer science was growing faster than the number of men. But in 1984, something changed. The percentage of women in computer science flattened, and then plunged, even as the share of women in other technical and professional fields kept rising.

What happened?

An older article from 2014 that - sadly - just refuses to become irrelevant.

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Looking at some more statistics, you might have hit something.

This link shows the number of bachelor degrees since the 70s (in computer science)

It looks like early 70s women participation was low, rising to it's highest in middle of the 80s and slowly declining again. Of course programmers != computer science degrees but surely there is a relationship?

I got my info (and they state a few more reasons why women participation dwindled) from

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