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BSD and Darwin derivatives

DragonFly version 4.8 brings EFI boot support in the installer, further speed improvements in the kernel, a new NVMe driver, a new eMMC driver, and Intel video driver updates.

A ton of changes in this release.

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RE: Why have more OSes?
by sergio on Tue 28th Mar 2017 21:23 UTC in reply to "Why have more OSes?"
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The diversity of operating systems is a good thing. Helps keep the NSA on their toes and it's fun to explore different computing paradigms.

And Dragonfly was created by one of the smartest guy of the Amiga community (Dillon)... it has pretty interesting ideas, different than the rest at least.

IMHO it's super cool to have small creative OSes because innovation happens there... big names like Linux or FreeBSD are pretty conservative I don't see them innovating or doing things differently.

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