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OSNews, Generic OSes Relive the glory of 80's 8-bit computing! This is a full-featured emulator of a TRS-80 Model III microcomputer. It is free of charge and all source code is publicly available.
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RE: Still running...
by Rugxulo on Fri 31st Mar 2017 21:46 UTC in reply to "Still running..."
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Not to detract from the (Windows, C#) emulator mentioned here, but I'm almost surprised it's not written in Javascript. I've stumbled upon several emulators for various things in recent days. I can't say it's that unique to find such, we've all seen it before. But the sheer number of working emulators that run in web browsers now (including Linux for various cpus) is mind-boggling! Hey, I don't even grok Javascript, but it's still fascinating how far they've taken it.

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