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Apple has one of the most aggressive sustainability and recycling programs in tech, but it still pulls plenty of metals and toxic rare-earth materials out of the ground to make iPhones, iPads, Macbooks and other products.

That's about to change. The company is set to announce a new, unprecedented goal for the tech industry, "to stop mining the earth altogether".

Apple plans to stop mining for rare-earth materials, and exclusively use recycled materials (from iPhones and other Apple products, presumably). Incredibly ambitious goal - one among many environmental goals the company revealed yesterday - and quite laudable. They have the money to blaze these trails, and I'm glad they're using it for this.

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RE: Not convinced by the intentions
by Kochise on Thu 20th Apr 2017 12:57 UTC in reply to "Not convinced by the intentions"
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iPhone 7 : 769€ (32GiB) or 989€ (256GiB) for 138g

This is 5572-7166€ per kg.

Gold is 38410€ per kg. So iPhone is 5.36-6.89x cheaper than gold.

Such a bargain.

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