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Linux "As desktop Linux becomes ever more professional, and with Microsoft still a year away from shipping its new Vista version of Windows, could now be the time to go open-source on the desktop? Of course, circumstances will vary from company to company, but if you're ready to make the move, there's a good crop of Linux distributions ready to accommodate your needs."
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Windows Sucks
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Lord please! Just the fact that you have to get on here with a name like Linux is Poo and defend a piece of software made by a company that has 50 Billion dollars shows the true facts! Windows in reality no better then Linux! Only thing that gives it an edge is that hardware vendors make hardware FOR Windows and drivers FOR Windows.

Yet when all is said and done if Linux sucked for real and was not ready for business then Microsoft themselves would not have 400 Linux machines set up so they can test and copy the features (as they always do) I really would be surprised if Redhat had more then a couple of Windows machines that they use (And they would sure not be for testing and copying!)

And again this week just more of the same Windows holes and worms and bugs! All the same! Nothing new, nothing different!

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