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Apple has one of the most aggressive sustainability and recycling programs in tech, but it still pulls plenty of metals and toxic rare-earth materials out of the ground to make iPhones, iPads, Macbooks and other products.

That's about to change. The company is set to announce a new, unprecedented goal for the tech industry, "to stop mining the earth altogether".

Apple plans to stop mining for rare-earth materials, and exclusively use recycled materials (from iPhones and other Apple products, presumably). Incredibly ambitious goal - one among many environmental goals the company revealed yesterday - and quite laudable. They have the money to blaze these trails, and I'm glad they're using it for this.

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With the Trump presidency and the North Korea politics in that region

Funny you mention that. It was recently discovered that NK has one of the largest rare earth deposits on earth.

China was purchasing rare earth materials from NK because NK lacks the ability to refine them, and China can purchase the NK rare earths for their smartphone manufacturing much cheaper than mining it themselves.

But oh noes! North Korea just stopped shipping rare earths to China in March.

I wonder what's going to happen now that NK is sitting on a trove of necessary manufacturing elements, but not willing to play with anybody anymore?

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