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Mac OS X

I started to reverse engineer APFS and want to share what I found out so far.

Notice: I created a test image with macOS Sierra 10.12.3 (16D32). All results are guesses and the reverse engineering is work in progress. Also newer versions of APFS might change structures. The information below is neither complete nor proven to be correct.

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by mmrezaie on Mon 24th Apr 2017 19:33 UTC
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Why there is no checksum for data in APFS is still beyond my comprehension. I understand they have a reasoning but I do not get it. The one reason I use btrfs everywhere is the checksum. I have been bitten by the lack of it before, many times.

Although, not saying any of the filesystems in Linux are doing it flawlessly. BTRFS for desktop is still problematic. So many times I have to balance and scrub my data only because metadata part is full.

I was just hopeful APFS can do something I care!

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