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After almost a decade of research, Google's autonomous car project is close to becoming a real service.

Now known as Waymo, the Alphabet Inc. self-driving car unit is letting residents of Phoenix sign up to use its vehicles, a major step toward commercializing a technology that could one day upend transportation.

This is going to change our society a lot quicker than people seem to think.

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RE[3]: Finally
by Savior on Fri 28th Apr 2017 15:17 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Finally"
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"Be careful what you wish for. What you want to apply to cars could easily apply to something else you do want to own. Don't ever advocate for taking away owners' rights. It's far too slippery once you start down that mountain.

You know, as long as that "something else I want to own" has the potential to kill several people (including me) every time I take it for a spin, I would be more than willing to surrender it.
Do you cook? Because you know, that knife has the potential to harm and/or kill people by accidentally slipping from your hand. Also, you can always kill your spouse/child if you drop an electric appliance (e.g. hairdryer) into the bath tub they happen to be using. Your very feet could kill you by slipping on a banana, so please use wheelchairs from now on.

Should I continue? Your point of view is utterly ridiculous, and to someone who lives in a post-communist country, which seems very much on the way of going back to the "glorious" past (Hungary), it feels also insulting and dangerous.

Especially since the problem we are talking about does not call for such extreme measures. If you want to avoid accidents, you could ensure that the car does not allow the driver to exceed the speed limit, for instance; to take control only in case of emergency; or to communicate with nearby vehicles all the time (anonymously). Taking away freedom from humans should always be the very last resort.

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