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GTK+ The GIMP toolkit (GTK+) matures to include yet another platform. This project aims to bring native GTK+ support to the Apple Mac OS X platform. The basic implementation is sponsored by Imendio AB and the work so far has been done by Anders Carlsson (of Imendio).
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RE[3]: Why will they succeed
by segedunum on Thu 24th Nov 2005 23:21 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Why will they succeed"
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Ah, more non-sense from "segedunum".

Thanks for the confirmation ;-).

Ximian did survive just fine until the day it got acquired by Novell. Ximian unlike most other companies during the boom did not spend its money left and right. We had the mentaility of not spending more money than we needed to.

You're investors didn't agree - quite obviously ;-). Please don't try and pull the wool over my eyes, I know it when I see it and I call it like I see it.

The LGPL thing is dead - OK?

But as usual for segendum, he lives in his own world. His reality is made up of his own stories that he spices up over time. Up to the point where his own arguments start making sense to him.

Well it threatens you, hence this ;-). Quite what that means is anyone's guess - you haven't answered any of it I notice.

In reality, we have him commenting on a Gnome story because he feels that anything that helps Gnome (Mono, Gtk being cross platform, Tango) is a threat to his way of life.

Well, after five or six years of the same thing it's hardly a threat to whatever it is you think I claim to cherish ;-).

It must be difficult living in fear. Thats why am extending a friendly hand to segedunum............................................................. .............................else's party is no longer amusing.

That being said (segedunum, please close your eyes now, am talking to the rest, you dont have to read what follows), segedunum reminds me of Dwight from "The Office" in the American edition.

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. It doesn't alter anything, nor does it answer the comment or any points I've made - does it? ;-).

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