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GTK+ The GIMP toolkit (GTK+) matures to include yet another platform. This project aims to bring native GTK+ support to the Apple Mac OS X platform. The basic implementation is sponsored by Imendio AB and the work so far has been done by Anders Carlsson (of Imendio).
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RE: a few points
by segedunum on Thu 24th Nov 2005 23:29 UTC in reply to "a few points"
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segedunum has yet to discover about himself what everyone knows only too well.

He, he, he. I know people don't like it but the fact that ther are no sensible comments or answers to anything I've brought have only confirmed what I already know.

i wonder what toolkit and desktop segedumum is referring to here. as if we didn't know.

The one that actually makes business sense ;-). This isn't a religious war I'm afraid - it's there in black and white and it was described why in that little paragraph ;-).

knowledge and judgement of what is best is equivelent to his (poor) knowledge of physics

He, he, he. You think chaos theory is about physics?! Christ. And Newton's laws talk about complex stimuli do they? Good God. I take it you slept through that class?

Do some reading around on both sides for your little comments before making posting them as anonymous. I notice I didn't get a reply to that comment apart from a -1 score, presumably because you just didn't like it. There seems to be a pattern developing.......

we are expecting him to state that the world is flat at some point.

Well some would call spending $25,000+ (note the plus) on something that will never recoup it's investment a King Canute operation. At least the world being flat seemed plausible ;-).

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