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No company has done as much damage to the perceived value of software, and the sustainability of being an independent developer, as Apple.

Not that other companies wouldn't have done the same thing - they would have. It's just that Apple was the successful one.

It's resolutely the fault of us as consumers, and it's actively encouraged by the App Store.

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RE: cry my a river
by karunko on Fri 5th May 2017 08:30 UTC in reply to "cry my a river"
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With those hats on, my single answer to the author is "cry me a river".

I agree that some apps really aren't worth much, but it's undeniable that app stores have created a race to the bottom which, in turn, means that software is perceived as a commodity.

While it's true that some developers expect to make a living out of something that should be regarded a hobby providing a little extra money at best, expecting to pay close to nothing and receive updates forever is no less unrealistic.

Last but not least: just because in the past you've been able to give your work/time away for free it doesn't mean that everyone else could afford to (or should).


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