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Opera Software

Opera Neon, released in January, is an experimental browser that envisions the future of web browsers, similar to the way concept cars predict the future of automobiles. One of its novelties is the ability to seamlessly hop between discovering new content and chatting with friends, or even share online discoveries while browsing.

Inspired by Neon, we decided to bring those seamless transitions between chat and discoveries to the Opera browser. The result is Opera Reborn, complete with integrated popular messengers so you can keep chatting with friends without skipping a beat.

It's great to see Opera back to making interesting browsers, even if the features specified aren't exactly my thing.

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Comment by sj87
by sj87 on Wed 10th May 2017 16:53 UTC
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Web browsers should focus on being web browsers. I have no idea why devs and companies seem to think that a web browser should be an operating system inside an operating system.

I wish e.g. all these chat services were brought to life as an integrated desktop chat application – whether it actually ran on a browser engine or not.

The web browser itself should also integrate better with the rest of the desktop and not try to reverse the process by integrating a desktop inside the browser.

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