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The KEYone got me out of CrackBerry retirement and using a BlackBerry Smartphone again (and loving it!). I have no shortage of phones at my disposal and can reach for an iPhone or Google Pixel or Samsung Galaxy whenever I want. Since picking up the KEYone, I've never felt that urge. What more can be said than that? With battery life that will last you all day and night (and well into the next day) and a smart physical keyboard that makes typing on buttons feel new school again, it's a communication-centric phone that power users will love.

The keyboard BlackBerry phones are the phones I wish were more popular, but really aren't. The Priv had QA and update issues (it's still on an old version of Android), and this one isn't exactly my personal cup of tea because I'd much rather have a slider (preferably a horizontal slider). Still, I hope these phones somehow manage to find a small, but perhaps profitable niche so they can keep throwing time and development at them.

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by chrish on Mon 15th May 2017 13:32 UTC
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Wasn't "kept up to date" one of BB's Android selling features? Sad to hear they're already failing on that aspect.

My HTC One m9 was updated to 7.0 at the beginning of the year, and I have very low expectations for HTC. They've done surprisingly well at keeping the updates flowing.

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