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Troy Hunt hits some nails on their heads:

If you had any version of Windows since Vista running the default Windows Update, you would have had the critical Microsoft Security Bulletin known as "MS17-010" pushed down to your PC and automatically installed. Without doing a thing, when WannaCry came along almost 2 months later, the machine was protected because the exploit it targeted had already been patched. It's because of this essential protection provided by automatic updates that those advocating for disabling the process are being labelled the IT equivalents of anti-vaxxers and whilst I don't fully agree with real world analogies like this, you can certainly see where they're coming from. As with vaccinations, patches protect the host from nasty things that the vast majority of people simply don't understand.

Great article, which also goes into Windows Update itself for a bit.

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not agreeing (surprise :)
by l3v1 on Tue 16th May 2017 06:28 UTC
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Don't tell people to turn off Windows Update, just don't

If in my life I get to see Windows actually getting a sane update system, then maybe I'll do that. First, they need, really need to have different and independent update channels for security patches, OS updates and application updates. And from those, only the sec updates would really need to be automatic. But only if and only if they actually start spending more time on testing those damn updates so they don't brick the systems they are updating, causing so much lost time in fixing your and other people's systems that you can actually feel your lifetime shortening and being wasted on useless idiotic unnecessary things.

Today, I only tell those people to have updates on automatic about whom I either don't care much, or I know they are simple users who won't loose much sleep over a non-booting brick any given morning.

Why is malware effective? Because of idiotic advice like this: "Stop Windows 10 from automatically updating your PC"

And this. Calling people idiots just because one has a shorter and narrower line of sight only makes one a bigger idiot.

While this doesn't count, I have to add that my personal experience backs up my claim - for me at least - that even Win10's updates are not good enough. It was actually a failed update cycle - resulting in a completely unusable and non-booting system - that made me switch from a Win10 work environment to a Linux work environment using Win10 only in VMs. Never going back.

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