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A week after introducing the Surface Laptop to the world, he's sitting in a room in Microsoft's Building 88 ready to show off his team's latest creation: the new Surface Pro. At first glance, it looks a lot like 2015's Surface Pro 4, but it's part of a bigger lineup of the entire Surface family that Microsoft is now ready to take worldwide.

For the first time in Surface history, Microsoft will start shipping two new products (Surface Pro and Surface Laptop) worldwide at launch. June 15th will see these new products launch, and a big expansion for the Surface Studio all-in-one PC, too. It's clearly a date that Microsoft has been working toward for quite some time, and as I walked around Microsoft's secretive Surface building located at its Redmond, Washington, campus, it's easy to see that the Surface family of devices is now coming to life.

Be honest with yourself: which line of devices feels more innovative and exciting: Surface or Mac?

Easy answer.

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RE[3]: Can haz USB type C?
by mistersoft on Sat 27th May 2017 20:23 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Can haz USB type C? "
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I think the happy medium is to have both USB A AND C for the time being, unless it's a super slim device.

And even though I would ideally like my USB C ports to be of Thunderbolt3 spec, it's really with regards to charging ports that my comment saying anti-environment was about.

USB A to C or C to A woes (at for mass storage are solved with cheap dongles) but if all phones and laptops came universally with USB C charging ports (and the correct power chips internally) then virtually any USB C charger will do.
Even if phone chargers did barely more than trickle charge a laptop, it's better than nothing.
Cheap laptops could perhaps (god forbid) even be sold without chargers. Have them be optional extras.
This could save a lot of waste and duplication

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