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It is 2017. Pick an average PC from 2007 and install a minimal GNU/Linux based operating system. You will be able to do basic computing tasks (eg. surfing the web, reading E-Mails, listening to music, chatting) just like on an expensive modern PC. You will even get security updates, so your old computer is protected, just like as a new one.

postmarketOS (I love the name) aims to do the same for smartphones. A small Linux distribution with a phone interface, designed to be easy to update and maintain to solve the problems Android poses in this area. The project is in its infancy, so it needs a lot of help to further realise its vision.

This is a great idea, and it could breathe life into devices not even LineageOS can keep alive.

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by Earl C Pottinger on Sun 28th May 2017 18:13 UTC
Earl C Pottinger
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I would like to point out that all the function talked about except the web browsing could be done by a C64 if needed. And what's more the main software was in ROM where no hacker could touch it. For that matter the Commodore Plus/4 showed that even the applications could also be ROM-able.

With such a small code base today software would 99%+ of the hack-able potions of the code to change.

What my point is, do we really need another full blown OS to do the job a small OS/Environment could do today.

It always seems to me that new phone OSes are always failing because they reach too far and try to include every feature possible instead of really trying to make a bare-bones design.

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