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GTK+ The GIMP toolkit (GTK+) matures to include yet another platform. This project aims to bring native GTK+ support to the Apple Mac OS X platform. The basic implementation is sponsored by Imendio AB and the work so far has been done by Anders Carlsson (of Imendio).
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RE[5]: Why will they succeed
by segedunum on Fri 25th Nov 2005 10:49 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Why will they succeed"
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Hoping things wont make them so.

You and Eazel are out of business and yesterday's news - as Novell will be when certain people have extinguished their cash pile. The clue train left on that years ago.

If you could, you would have produced a quote from them. Shame it does not exist.

How do you know there isn't? There are easy ways and means of finding this stuff out.

I fail to see what the LGPL has to do with this though. Maybe you missed the part where Ximian had free *and* proprietary offerings?

It didn't work, did it? And it was always about the LGPL - "The LPGPL is the best license for business this, that and the other." ESR and Bruce Perens, those people that supposedly write on these topics, also need to realise that telling people they can develop everything for nothing has failed. If people truly want to make open source software work, there it is.

Your assertions are just way out there to bother with them.

I'm afraid not.

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