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I wonder if these rugged aesthetics, now commonplace in cutting-edge websites, can work at scale - in mobile apps used by +1b people. Instagram's new UI paved the way: can this effort be replicated in other categories (e.g. gaming)? Is brutalism a fad or the future of app design? Would it make apps more usable, easy-to-use and delightful? To end with, would it generate more growth? Conversions experts sometimes suggest that more text equals more engagement - what if we push this idea to the extreme?

There's something unsettling about these brutalist redesigns by Pierre Buttin - but I don't outright hate them. There's something very functional about them.

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RE: Well, now we know....
by mistersoft on Thu 1st Jun 2017 14:08 UTC in reply to "Well, now we know...."
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well, interface design aside - I'd just be happy if bloody Windows would 100% remember where icons or documents are put on the desktop. and NEVER just randomly forgotten and put in a lump in the corner.

And at each previously used resolution too.
Ideally with built-in AI scaling to approximate same relative item location at intervening resolutions (including those of different dimensions too)
Can't be that hard to do!

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