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I wonder if these rugged aesthetics, now commonplace in cutting-edge websites, can work at scale - in mobile apps used by +1b people. Instagram's new UI paved the way: can this effort be replicated in other categories (e.g. gaming)? Is brutalism a fad or the future of app design? Would it make apps more usable, easy-to-use and delightful? To end with, would it generate more growth? Conversions experts sometimes suggest that more text equals more engagement - what if we push this idea to the extreme?

There's something unsettling about these brutalist redesigns by Pierre Buttin - but I don't outright hate them. There's something very functional about them.

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by brostenen on Sat 3rd Jun 2017 20:22 UTC
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Oh no... Not another attempt to shuffle ugly flat design idea's down the throat. I hate flat design, and especially when there are no real defining borders, wich tells me were I am and were I can go. See... The thing is that I have to enterprete were I am in the UI every single second, instead of just using it. Worst example are Win10. It's like the worst design for people like me.
So... Can we PLEASE go back to semi-flat design with clear defining borders and shadows around every Window.

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