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Here's a quick recap before we dive in. CShell is Microsoft's new Windows Shell that will eventually replace the existing Windows Shell in future releases of Windows 10. It's an adaptable shell that can scale in real time, adapting to different screen sizes and orientations on the fly. CShell is a shell modularized into sub-components, which can transition between those components when required, making for a far more flexible user experience on devices that have multiple form factors.

The actual Windows Explorer shell is one of the last high-profile parts of Windows that's still mostly Win32. This CShell is supposed to be its replacement.

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RE: I'll wait...
by acobar on Mon 5th Jun 2017 17:32 UTC in reply to "I'll wait..."
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The funny part is, I really thought they were going to add c shell capabilities to their console!

Anyway, Windows console now has support for true color mode and Vim and, possibly, Emacs, can now run on all 256 color glory! Yeah! (the sad part is, I still like Windows 7 more and, as so, I´m limited to run them under ConEmu with xterm emulation and the performance is not something to brag about).

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