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This article has been in my to read list for a few days now, but due to a lack of time I haven't been able to finish it yet. There's a lot of information in the article about the development of Windows Vista, and even though I haven't finished it yet I can guarantee you it's worth the read.

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It is quite long, but I've found it really interesting. It is a view of the old Microsoft, with its idiocyncracies and good and bad points, as seen from the inside.

I understand that Vista set the ground for the better Win7, but personally, my experience with the former was worse than awful. Sometimes a simple file copy operation of a few kb could take minutes. The real-time AV scans delayed every icon refresh, and each time I had to scan for Windows Updates, it would take a whole afternoon... Performance-wise, it was deplorable.

My experience with Vista wasn't all that different, but especially with the powers of hindsight it's hard to discount just how important Vista has been for Microsoft. It was all part of Microsoft's massive cleanup effort in the Windows codebase, the fruits of which the company is still picking today, and will be picking for a long, long time to come. Many other a company would've been forced to write a completely new operating system, but Microsoft actually managed to clean up such a complex codebase.

The cleanup of the Windows codebase might very well be one of the most impressive technical achievements in Microsoft's history, and Vista is a hugely important part of that.

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RE: Compatibility
by bassbeast on Wed 7th Jun 2017 14:06 UTC in reply to "Compatibility "
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Yup. I had what was considered a pretty beefy system for the time (Pentium 4 3.6Ghz with HT, 4Gb of RAM, dual 500Gb HDDs, Geforce 7600GS) and frankly with WHQL drivers? It handled about like a 233Mhz running XP.

What I especially loved was how if you were doing ANYTHING with media (music or video) and started doing network file copy/move ops? The network would either die or get slower than dialup, that was sooo nice for those of us who ran LANs.

Or how about the "senior moments" where Vista would just randomly freeze for a few seconds? Didn't matter what you were doing, browsing, listening to music, hell it would have senior moments just browsing its own files...nice.

After 6 months of dealing with that bullshit? I went back to XP X64 and...ahhh, it was like a breath of fresh air. I stayed on XP X64 until Win 7 X64 came out and while I spent a few months each on Win 8, 8.1 and 10 and each of those three were nasty enough with the UI (or the spyware in the case of win 10) I ended up going back to 7 I have to give MSFT credit in that at least those OSes were functional which is more than I can say for Vista RTM.

It may have gotten better later but it had left too sour a taste in my mouth to go back. The only positive I could say about Vista? I liked the black accents, I ended up keeping that in win 7, the rest was shite though.

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