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I'm not asking for an iPhone with replaceable RAM. I understand the value of a sleek, highly integrated, highly custom product. But if the most important and expensive part of the desktop computer you're looking to buy is the GPU, it's insane to choose one that's soldered to the motherboard.


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So the argument is?
by leos on Wed 7th Jun 2017 23:09 UTC
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The argument seems to be that they want Apple to make cheap hardware to compete with building your own PC box..

Sorry, ain't gonna happen, and has never been what Apple is about.

What's next? Someone complaining that the iPhone costs $800 and isn't it a shame that they can get an Android phone for $100 and why can't apple make a $200 iPhone?

The author says that they used to own Apple products but I doubt it. It has always been far cheaper to build your own PC boxes than buy Apple. The argument was as true 10 years ago as it is now.

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