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I'm not asking for an iPhone with replaceable RAM. I understand the value of a sleek, highly integrated, highly custom product. But if the most important and expensive part of the desktop computer you're looking to buy is the GPU, it's insane to choose one that's soldered to the motherboard.


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RE[2]: So the argument is?
by karunko on Thu 8th Jun 2017 07:50 UTC in reply to "RE: So the argument is?"
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And by the way, the iMac is cost competitive. Have you ever tried to make a similar system out of parts? You'll blow your budget on the 5K screen alone. It's not like they are a stranger to the idea.

Why should I want to bleed my wallet on a 5K screen when I could get a great 32" 4K screen that gives me a much more useful pixel density -- for a fraction of the price?

Why should I want to buy a server class CPU (and the expensive ECC memory that goes with it) while there are kick ass desktop class CPUs that would be just as good for most workloads -- for a fraction of the price?

And no, I have no interest in pissing contests, so "just because I can" is not a valid answer for me.


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