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GTK+ The GIMP toolkit (GTK+) matures to include yet another platform. This project aims to bring native GTK+ support to the Apple Mac OS X platform. The basic implementation is sponsored by Imendio AB and the work so far has been done by Anders Carlsson (of Imendio).
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RE[4]: Why will they succeed
by segedunum on Fri 25th Nov 2005 14:01 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Why will they succeed"
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Oh look just come out with it, you're a troll. Look there are positive ways of criticising, you obviously do not realise this.

No. I've fully explained why I've taken the views I have. The fact that some people obviosuly don't like them does not equal to being a troll I'm afraid.

these are personal concerns which obviously aren't an issue to Miguel. You don't see me making any personal attacks on this now do you.

They are certainly not personal attacks. They are issues brought up that are the way that they are, and I've explained why a lot of what has gone on simply has not been viable. You're making emotional comments without replying to my actual points.

Look Imendio are doing a great job insofar as I can tell, what concern is it to you if they wish to crash and burn whilst contributing to the success of GTK, are you an investor?

No, but after several years of the same stuff that hasn't worked you've got to ask at some point what is going to work. What will get open source desktop software through the barrier and get people using on a widespread basis? How do you fund the development you need?

Obviously you have wet dreams about Trolltech, whatever tickles your carriage I guess, but why come here and post your nonsense?

I've never mentioned Trolltech - please don't get emotionally carried away. It's simply a fact that companies that have got carried away with promoting the LGPL as a fantastic selling point end up spending vast sums of money, generate no income and go out of business. If open source software companies are going to be viable that has to change, plain and simple.

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