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I'm not asking for an iPhone with replaceable RAM. I understand the value of a sleek, highly integrated, highly custom product. But if the most important and expensive part of the desktop computer you're looking to buy is the GPU, it's insane to choose one that's soldered to the motherboard.


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RE[5]: You've got it all wrong
by leos on Thu 8th Jun 2017 18:45 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: You've got it all wrong"
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Can't be any worse than my Macbook Air, with its lethargic 1.8GHz CPU, 4GB of SOLDERED RAM, and a puny 128GB SSD

And Apple sell this shit for $800! In fact, there are phones out there faster than my shitty piece of shit macbook air!

Why are you pointing out that you made a bad purchase decision? Maybe think about what you are buying in the future before you buy it?

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