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Drag and Drop has arrived in iOS 11! Learn the fundamentals behind the new iOS Drag and Drop - architecture and APIs. This session will go over the design goals, architecture and key components of the API to allow you to quickly adopt Drag and Drop in your App.

Drag and drop seems like a boring feature, but on iOS 11 and the iPad, it's actually quite interesting and implemented in a novel way. This WWDC session starts with a demo, showing off how you can use multiple fingers to drag multiple things, combine different dragged objects, while still being able to interact with other touch UI elements. Sadly, Apple decided to cripple drag and drop on the iPhone, restricting it to only being able to drag and drop within a single application.

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RE[2]: Wow
by Tony Swash on Sat 10th Jun 2017 13:47 UTC in reply to "RE: Wow"
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Don't hold your breath, they waited until Steve passed to release the Pencil, something he was staunchly against and considered a loser's interface.

What a silly comment. During the original iPhone launch event Steve Jobs (rightly) rejected using a stylus as a generic input system. The Pencil is not a generic input system. The Pencil is a specialist tool for graphic creation used by a small but important group of creative content creators. If you cannot see the difference then there is something wrong with you.

The key point is of course that today nobody uses a stylus as the generic input device on an iOS device.

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