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Linux "As desktop Linux becomes ever more professional, and with Microsoft still a year away from shipping its new Vista version of Windows, could now be the time to go open-source on the desktop? Of course, circumstances will vary from company to company, but if you're ready to make the move, there's a good crop of Linux distributions ready to accommodate your needs."
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RE[2]: All I can say is:
by Windows Sucks on Fri 25th Nov 2005 15:23 UTC in reply to "RE: All I can say is:"
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"People make Windows viruses because 95% of the world uses Windows on the desktop"

Get out of here, if you go to and look up Linux worms and viruses you will see that almost NONE of them are rated as high! Unlike almost ALL of the Windows viruses!

On top of that last time I looked the internet is running on Linux! Most webhosting companies run on LINUX! If you really wanted to take something down why not take down a bunch of websites etc!

Sorry to say but if you could hack Linux machines so easy I am SURE that it would be a big deal and Microsoft would be ALL over it with their get out the facts crap!

Sorry to say but even if 5 people used Windows the holes would be there! It is also a fact that to use Windows YOU need virus scan (Recomended by MS them selves) You NEED anti spyware software etc! On linux you DON'T need it!

As a matter of fact let me quote one virus scan vendor:

"while a 100 percent Linux environment is orders of magnitude less likely to be hit be a virus, many Linux deployments are within heterogeneous, not homogeneous, environments. Windows clients and servers on the network bring a vast array of potential infection points, and having an antivirus engine on a Linux server will protect the health of the overall network, even if the Linux machine itself is not vulnerable."

LOL! So I need to buy software for my Linux machines to protect my Windows machines! LOL! That is funny!

Those are not my "irrational" words but the words of people who want to sell me software! LOL!

The last thing I must say is that MS has 50 Billion in the bank and yet they get compared to Linux on a regular! Bill Gates is up at night with his buggy, glitchy Xboxes dreaming about Linux! That is sad!

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