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At WWDC, Apple reported that they've paid out $70 billion to developers, with 30% of that ($21 billion!) in the last year. That's a huge spike, and surprising to me because it didn't seem like my friends and I were spending more on apps last year. But that's anecdotal, so I wondered: where are these revenues coming from? I opened App Store to browse the top grossing apps.

The controlled, walled garden at work.

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RE: Ouch
by Pro-Competition on Mon 12th Jun 2017 23:41 UTC in reply to "Ouch"
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"The controlled, walled garden at work.

And to think, apple's actually profiting from this with their 30% cut. When money comes too easily, they tend to stop caring about quality. This is why the market needs competition between app stores.

I could not agree more!

(BTW, I don't usually post just for a +1, but I keep running out of points trying to up-vote you, and monopolies/mono-cultures just get under my skin.)

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