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Microsoft first revealed its concerns over Chromebooks in an attack on Google’s laptops more than three years ago. While Chromebooks haven’t become best-sellers for consumers just yet, they have started to become popular with students in the US and slowly with some businesses. Microsoft is now revealing it's worried about this threat with two new videos on its Windows YouTube channel today.

One of the reasons Windows conquered the home was by first conquering the corporate world - people wanted the same computer at home as the one they were using at work. Now imagine if a whole generation of kids grows up with not just Android and iOS smartphones, but also ChromeOS PCs.

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Conquering the world
by Odisej on Thu 15th Jun 2017 07:30 UTC
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Microsoft did not win the OS wars only or mainly because it conquered corporate world. People tend to forget that Microsoft did not do much to stop the spreading of pirated versions of Windows in the early days. Only later as they already dominated they started doing this. Not to mention the IBM episode and OS/2.

Things are different now and Microsoft seems to be a bit lost. Wonderful times!

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