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OSNews, Generic OSes There's now a preview release of Visopsys 0.6 online at the Visopsys website. This upcoming version will introduce an array of new features that have been in development over the past year. As always, you can demo this hobby OS from a floppy disk or live CD image. See the changelog for details, and you can download here. Update: screenshots.
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Thanks everyone (mostly) for the comments
by andymc on Fri 25th Nov 2005 16:56 UTC
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Especially thanks to whomever put up those screenshots. I spend so much time and energy on functionality that docs and web pages and screenshots sometimes suffer.

Also, thanks to those who posted constructive criticisms. Sounds like I have to make it look flashier.

(Makes ya laugh though, you spend 8 years making a whole OS from scratch and people complain about the appearance of the icons or whatever... But it's clear that appearance does matter to people)

Andy McLaughlin (visopsys guy)

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