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It was almost four years ago I switched from webmail to a customized email configuration based on Notmuch and Emacs. Notmuch served as both as a native back-end that provided indexing and tagging, as well as a front-end, written in Emacs Lisp. It dramatically improved my email experience, and I wished I had done it earlier. I've really enjoyed having so much direct control over my email.

However, I'm always fiddling with things - fiddling feels a lot more productive than it actually is - and last month I re-invented my email situation, this time switching to a combination of Mutt, Vim, mu, and tmux. The entirety of my email interface now resides inside a terminal, and I’m enjoying it even more. I feel I've "leveled up" again in my email habits.

I'm fairly sure a number of OSNews readers use similar setups.

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by Kancept on Mon 19th Jun 2017 20:08 UTC
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FTA: "It’s been really nice to have all my email sitting around as nothing more than a big pile of files like this."

Our emails were individual files that we could mine for data in BeOS. Used it all the time. He's just now getting around to this.

Looks like everyone is going back to simplicity. Odd.

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