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The big news out of AMD was the launch of Zen, the new high-performance core that is designed to underpin the product roadmap for the next few generations of products. To much fanfare, AMD launched consumer level parts based on Zen, called Ryzen, earlier this year. There was a lot of discussion in the consumer space about these parts and the competitiveness, and despite the column inches dedicated to it, Ryzen wasn't designed to be the big story this year. That was left to their server generation of products, which are designed to take a sizeable market share and reinvigorate AMD's bottom line on the finance sheet. A few weeks ago AMD announced the naming of the new line of enterprise-class processors, called EPYC, and today marks the official launch with configurations up to 32 cores and 64 threads per processor. We also got an insight into several features of the design, including the AMD Infinity Fabric.

For the past few years, the processor market was boring and dominated by Intel.

This is the year everything changes.

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RE: Odd lineup
by bassbeast on Tue 20th Jun 2017 23:25 UTC in reply to "Odd lineup"
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Unless you are really slamming that webserver the question you REALLY need to upgrade it?

If you simply need more cores just get one of the Opteron G34 boards, the Opteron 12 cores only pull 80w on average and you can get a dual socket WITH the 12 core CPUs (thus giving you 24 cores/threads) for like $150 USD and I've seen the single socket boards (again with the CPU) going for less than $75.

But while I'll admit things may have changed since I supported network back ends but webservers really didn't need a whole lot of horsepower,certainly your webserver should run quite easily on a single Magny Cours chip with cores left over.

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