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In what is surely the greatest bit of irony in the tech industry this week, a recording of an internal Apple briefing on countering leaking has leaked. Tons of interesting insight in the article covering the recording, but this bit jumped out at me, because I never put two and two together in this regard:

Apple's Chinese workers have plenty of incentive to leak or smuggle parts. "A lot, like 99.9 percent, of these folks are good people who are coming to a place that has a job, they're gonna make money, and they're gonna go back and start a business in their province or they're gonna do something else with it, support their family," Rice says. "But there's a whole slew of folks that can be tempted because what happens if I offer you, say, three months' salary?' In some cases we've seen up to a year's worth of salary being rewarded for stealing product out of the factory." Apple workers on the production line make approximately $350 a month, not including overtime, according to a 2016 report from China Labor Watch.

It never dawned on me that leaks could be the result of underpaid factory workers.

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Ya think?
by aliver on Wed 21st Jun 2017 16:43 UTC
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Fatcats never cease to amaze me. These guys offshore to some 3rd world hellhole (Yes, China, I'm talking about you) to folks who are once step above slaves or indentured servants and they wonder how their products and designs leak out? Unbelievable. These people actually expect faithful employees as they race to the bottom. Pure genius.

I would say this is chickens coming home to roost for the suit-weasels, but it's nowhere near enough payback. It's merely just a minor problem compared to the heaps of profits they make.

Apple runs quite a few sweatshops in China. That's a well known and well documented fact. I quit buying Apple products when they quit making them in America. Good riddance.

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