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Windows Microsft has made hard statements about perfomance improvements in Longhorn. They claim that applications will load 15% faster than in XP, while boot time is decreased by 50%. They also claimed that Longhorn will be able to wake up from sleep in 2 seconds. Users should also expect half as many reboots during patching. Time to dust of those trustworthy stopwatches.
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50% faster
by DonQ on Tue 19th Jul 2005 21:38 UTC
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Some claims from article:

* launch applications 15 percent faster than Windows XP does
* boot PCs 50 percent faster than they boot currently
* reduce the number of system images required by 50 percent

If you look the latest, then actually 50% gain on same hardware can be possible. 50% less system images means much less disk access at startup time and less disk access while loading applications - they're using system libs extensively.

From other side (depend on configuration), much of the boot time is wasted to initialization various hardware. If some mouse takes 5 seconds to initialize, then nothing helps - unless they just show deskop before it's even known, does mouse work or not. (Well, maybe they already are doing so with mouse; unfortunately there's other hardware, what cannot be deferred this way so easily).

Like what I'm noticed - my XP in VirtualPC boots up much faster than the real one. Of course there are no noticeable timeouts for virtual hardware initialization, so is VPC network emulator (DHCP server) faster.

But let's wait and see. I won't buy new hardware for Longhorn anyway:)

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