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Fedora Core

Fedora Workstation comes with two package managers by default: DNF and PackageKit. DNF has all the latest features and the best support, but PackageKit is put front and center in GNOME Software, KDE Plasma Discover, and as of Fedora 26 also in Cockpit’s new Software Update panel.

You may be better off sticking with the DNF package manager in the command line; even though PackageKit is the choice of all the graphical package managers. Here is some of the advantages DNF still gives you over PackageKit based applications.

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RE: Unfair article
by Finalzone on Wed 5th Jul 2017 19:30 UTC in reply to "Unfair article"
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It is libdnf, the backend for Packagekit and successor of libhif, which is incomplete because it lacks support of handling parameters like exclusion, autoremove to name new.

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