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OneDrive users around the world have been upset to discover that with its latest update, Microsoft's cloud file syncing and storage system no longer works with anything other than disks formatted with the NTFS file system. Both older file systems, such as FAT32 and exFAT, and newer ones, such as ReFS, will now provoke an error message when OneDrive starts up.

While it's understandable that FAT-based filesystems are left behind - FAT needs to die a quick but horrible death - it seems weird that Microsoft's new ReFS isn't supported.

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EFI boot partition is FAT32. So we are stuck with it for quite some time.

We need a cross OS support file system that does not have a stack of patent demands on it. That is particularly hard thinking the Mirosoft only support file systems they create and those are always patent locked up. So 20+ after Microsoft release file system.

So exfat is like 2026. So at least another 10 more years of FAT32.

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