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This story begins, as they so often do, when I noticed that my machine was behaving poorly. My Windows 10 work machine has 24 cores (48 hyper-threads) and they were 50% idle. It has 64 GB of RAM and that was less than half used. It has a fast SSD that was mostly idle. And yet, as I moved the mouse around it kept hitching - sometimes locking up for seconds at a time.

So I did what I always do - I grabbed an ETW trace and analyzed it. The result was the discovery of a serious process-destruction performance bug in Windows 10.

Great story.

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2 questions
by feamatar on Tue 11th Jul 2017 08:22 UTC
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As a humble Java programmer, can I ask 2 questions:

- What is the need for such high number of threads? Couldn't a threadpool provide better utilization?
- Could fibers be used instead of threads in this case?

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