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Today, we're excited to announce that Canonical's Ubuntu Linux Distro is now available in the Windows Store and can be downloaded and installed on any Windows Insider build >= #16215!

Eventually this will be available to all regular Windows 10 users.

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Microsoft really delivered with Windows Subsystem for Linux, basically building something like Wine in a very short period

Three things really helped there:

1. The Windows NT kernel was designed for this from the start. (Win32 and WSL are pluggable API subsystems, written against a kernel which was originally intended to have Win32, OS/2, and POSIX subsystems for competitive reasons.)

2. Linux is open-source and presents a relatively simple and compact kernel API compared to the massive pile of legacy support Microsoft is carrying around.

3. The entire Ubuntu userland is open-source and licensed in a fashion that allows reuse on top of any kernel.

Microsoft basically pulled ReactOS's "take Wine's userland and write adapters" trick, but without being bogged down by having to write a whole new kernel.

(eg. Wine has to reinvent Microsoft's standard library and the like. Microsoft took advantage of the fact that, in many cases, borrowing Ubuntu's glibc acted as an abstraction layer, reducing the API surface they needed to replicate.)

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