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It's time to announce the upcoming new "Ultimate-64" board!

In order to sustain the love for the Commodore 64, with failing machines, power supplies and flaky old connectors, I proudly present a new main board for your beloved C64 case:

What is it?!  This board is a hardware implementation (FPGA) of the entire C64, and it includes the Ultimate-II+ as well.  An ALL IN ONE solution!

It will be produced in small batches, and the creator hopes to be able to sell it for around 200 dollars. That's a pretty great price to give a C64 a lease on life.

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He might want to collaborate with Jeri Ellsworth if he hasn't done so already. She has designed several Commodore 64 chipsets that have been in production for many years. They are used in many retail plug-and-play video game consoles (I own a few of them) as well as several general-purpose models.

Some boards, especially in the game consoles, are feature-reduced custom builds. Others can be hacked to become fully working Commodore 64 desktop computers. Ellsworth has also collaborated with Schönfeld.

Like the article states, the Ellsworth-designed boards are hardware implementations, not emulations.

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