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Java "It's official. Java has taken the top spot away from C++ to become the top language on SourceForge. Mats Henricson points out in his blog that as of yesterday, Java has 16738 projects on SourceForge, compared to the 16731 of C++."
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Project numbers don't indicate anything.
by r_a_trip on Fri 25th Nov 2005 22:13 UTC
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What about activity percentile or released files?

The number of undead projects on SourceForge is staggering. How many of those projects are realy active, developing and releasing files. that is a far more interesting number than non-existant projects claiming to "use" a language.

I've read one to many times that they are in planning stage and haven't released any files since 2001.

By the way, I couldn't care less about the language, as long as the software does the thing it was written for.

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