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You may not know the Model F by name, but you know it by sound - the musical thwacking of flippers slapping away. The sound of the '80s office. The IBM Model F greeting the world in 1981 with a good ten pounds of die-cast zinc and keys that crash down on buckling metal springs as they descend. It's a sensation today's clickiest keyboards chase, but will never catch. And now it's coming back.

I used several of these growing up, and I've come to understand I'm the only one who didn't - and doesn't - like mechanical keyboards one bit - I find them tiring and way too loud. I want the thinnest possible keyboard with the shortest possible travel while still having a decent, satisfying, but very quiet click. I find Apple's Magic Keyboard is the exact right keyboard for me, but I also know I'll be one of the very few, especially on a site like OSNews.

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No, its better in the same way that steaks tasted better 30 + years ago.

They didn't. That is your imagination and rose coloured glasses. The idea that you can accurately compare a taste now to a taste 30 years betrays a lack of understanding of how both the senses and human memory works.

Lower volume manufacturing, more attention to craft and careful consideration of feel.

Volume manufacturing and quality are orthogonal. For example, the quality of a car from a low-volume hand-made line is definitely worse than that of a machine made volume production vehicle.

They weren't engineered to be good, just good enough.

Some were engineered to be good as well.

Why spend more than you absolutely need to if the computer its hooked up to has a profit margin of $10.00 ?

There are tons of keyboards that are not bundled with computers that are available to purchase and your argument does not apply. Obviously the keyboard they throw in with your $200 Asus is going to be garbage. Not the point.

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