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A much faster, bare metal approach to deleting large and complex folders in Windows is via the command line. Of course, repeatedly having to navigate directories while executing commands via a terminal quickly becomes a tedious experience. In this post, I will walk through the process of creating a simple batch file and wiring it up to a handy right-click context menu from Windows Explorer to delete sophisticated directories in a hurry and without interruption.

Small tip (from 2015, so I'm a tad late), explained very well, that a lot of people could benefit from.

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by Vanders on Wed 19th Jul 2017 09:07 UTC
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Reading the comments in this article it's clear I've fallen through a wormhole back to the mid-90's. Phew! This is a great opportunity for me to buy APPL stock (just trust me on this!) and sell of my Amiga hardware while the going is still good.

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