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You may not know the Model F by name, but you know it by sound - the musical thwacking of flippers slapping away. The sound of the '80s office. The IBM Model F greeting the world in 1981 with a good ten pounds of die-cast zinc and keys that crash down on buckling metal springs as they descend. It's a sensation today's clickiest keyboards chase, but will never catch. And now it's coming back.

I used several of these growing up, and I've come to understand I'm the only one who didn't - and doesn't - like mechanical keyboards one bit - I find them tiring and way too loud. I want the thinnest possible keyboard with the shortest possible travel while still having a decent, satisfying, but very quiet click. I find Apple's Magic Keyboard is the exact right keyboard for me, but I also know I'll be one of the very few, especially on a site like OSNews.

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by StephenBeDoper on Thu 20th Jul 2017 14:39 UTC in reply to "Comment by leos"
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Mechanical keyboard is best in the same way that a 1954 Chevy Belair is the best.

In no way other than nostalgia.

That's an example of the fallacy of False Dichotomy. There's more than one type/model of mechanical keyboard - and new mechanical keyboards are actually still being made & sold today (not just replicas of keyboards from the 80s). You do realize that, right?

But feel free to substantiate your claim - assuming that it's not just the sort of contrarian anti-anti-populism you hear from people who, say, defend the Star Wars prequels by claiming that people prefer the originals only because of childhood fondness for them. A good start would be to pick a specific model of mechanical keyboard, or at least a specific switch, and compare it with a specific non-mechanical keyboard and/or switch - and point out all of the ways that the non-mechanical keyboard is superior, or at least equal to, the mechanical one.

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